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Living with Nature

Scaping a planted Aquarium is one of the best hobbies that can be. With a healthy dose of creativity and science Aquascaping provides ample stimuli for both right and left brain and at the same time provides a real soothing treat to ones senses.

Aquascaping allows you create visual art with elements of a living thriving nature right in your own home.

Apart from being an amature Naturalist, Conservation enthusiast and avid Aquascapist myself, it gives me a lot of pleasure in sharing my experience and learning on what I love to do with all around me. I am based out of Kolkata, India. As Nature or Nature Aquarium is nothing but a piece of Living Art, I have made this site as tribute to LivingArt.

I could have written a auto-biography also, but a blog is much cooler :) 


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